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This is My First Time Doing Taxes, Help!

Doing your taxes for the first time can seem intimidating. The biggest roadblock that keeps most twenty-somethings and beyond from filling them out for the first time is the amount of unfamiliar tax terms. If it’s your first time doing taxes and you’re scratching your head at a lot of the words, you’re not alone. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about all the most basic tax vocabulary. Must Know Jargon for Your First Time Doing Taxes Withholding allowances – Each time you get your paycheck, you don’t get the full amount you’ve earned. Your employer withholds some of your earnings to pay the IRS the taxes you owe on your income. When you fill out your W-4 form for an employer, you control how much they subtract from your paycheck based on your withholding allowances. Tax bracket – More money, more taxes. That’s basically what…
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