What You Should Know About Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Maryland or Washington DC

From a Maryland Chapter 7 Attorney

Image of two people talking about billsAre you afraid to open your credit card statement because you are delinquent on several payments and the late fees are piling up? Are you in danger of having your paycheck garnished or is it being garnished right now? Do you cringe when the phone rings because you know it is a harassing creditor?

At the Law Firm of Kevin D. Judd, our Maryland Chapter 7 attorney can provide you with workable options to stop creditor harassment and eliminate your debt. We can help you relieve yourself from overbearing debt and give you a fresh start.

Eliminate Your Debt and Get on the Path to Financial Freedom

Although new laws have made it more difficult to file for Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is still possible for many people. When you hire Kevin D. Judd, you hire a proven Washington DC Chapter 7 attorney who will work with you to eliminate your debt and stop garnishments. When you file bankruptcy, you receive an “automatic stay” that prevents creditors from taking any further collection activity.

  • Dischargeable debts: Include credit cards, medical bills, and judgments.
  • Non-dischargeable debts: Include student loans, taxes within the previous three years, alimony support payments, child support payments, and criminal restitution.

The Maryland bankruptcy Law Firm of Kevin D. Judd will differentiate between your dischargeable debts and your non-dischargeable debts. Although non-dischargeable debts cannot be eliminated, eliminating the dischargeable debt reduces your financial burden, allowing you to pay for the non-dischargeable debts.

If you need experienced legal representation or want to learn more about filing for Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact our Maryland bankruptcy lawyer at (202) 483-6070. You may also email us or visit our frequently asked questions about bankruptcy.

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