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How to Build Up Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has the reputation of ruining your credit score and may seem like the end of the road to many. It does stay on your credit score for up to ten years, but building credit afterwards can help you look better when applying for apartments and even jobs. Bankruptcy is often a way for people with debt problems to turn their financial habits around and start building a positive credit score again. There are ways to obtain credit after bankruptcy, and ways to start spending responsibly. Obtaining Post-Bankruptcy Credit Bankruptcy should eliminate a large portion of your debt (if not all of it). If this has occurred, lenders may extend credit card or loan offers your way. It is important to remember to start small when you consider taking on debt again. In some cases, getting a secured credit card, which you pay for in advance, may be your best…
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Why Are Complaints About Student Loan Debt on the Rise?

Student loan debt is an issue that affects the majority of college students in America today. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), complaints that they have received regarding student loans increased 325% over the past year. What could be causing this? University prices have been a hot button issue in recent years. Students cannot afford to pay for college without taking on large student loans. Issues with sketchy loan providers such as Navient, and employment sponsored repayment plans that have gone bust, have created much difficulty for students trying to pay off their debt. Below are some issues the CFPB have cited against Navient. Navient is the largest student loan provider in the U.S., and is currently facing a lawsuit from the CFPB right now for the reasons listed below. Examples of Sketchy Student Loan Practices Blocking borrowers from lower payments: Navient allegedly disallowed qualified lenders from making…
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