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Will bankruptcy ruin my life?

Will Bankruptcy Ruin My Life?

Washington DC Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Why the Answer is No You feel like you are buried up to your neck in debt. Time and time again you have worked long hours, extra jobs, saved and maybe even borrowed more to help dig yourself out of the hole. But, you feel like it is to no avail. Maybe you are behind on mortgage payments. Or, maybe you face massive bills due to an unexpected need for medical treatment. You know that bankruptcy can ease some of your debt obligations. However, you are worried that it will be a financial death sentence. So, you ask yourself, “will bankruptcy ruin my life”? We understand and the answer is “no”. The Straight Truth About Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a multi-step process. The exact details of it depend on whether you file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. However, regardless of what you file, your bankruptcy…
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