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What Happens If You Hide Assets During Bankruptcy?

Hiding assets during bankruptcy is an easy way to end up behind bars. Anyone considering hiding assets should look up a recent example of Joe and Teresa Guidice, who received prison sentences for concealing assets and engaging in fraud before and during their bankruptcy filing.  The reality of the matter is that bankruptcy is a means of ridding yourself of debt legally and legitimately. How Do People Hide Assets? One common method is the hiding of assets by giving or selling them to friends or family. This is illegal. Courts and lawyers are aware of this practice as it seems like it may be a clever way to bypass the law, because you will no longer be in possession of the assets you’ve given away. However, this willful giving away of assets to friends or family to avoid potentially losing assets to a creditor is considered a fraudulent transactions requiring…
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Will Bankruptcy Ruin My Life?

Washington DC Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Why the Answer is No You feel like you are buried up to your neck in debt. Time and time again you have worked long hours, extra jobs, saved and maybe even borrowed more to help dig yourself out of the hole. But, you feel like it is to no avail. Maybe you are behind on mortgage payments. Or, maybe you face massive bills due to an unexpected need for medical treatment. You know that bankruptcy can ease some of your debt obligations. However, you are worried that it will be a financial death sentence. So, you ask yourself, “will bankruptcy ruin my life”? We understand and the answer is “no”. The Straight Truth About Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a multi-step process. The exact details of it depend on whether you file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. However, regardless of what you file, your bankruptcy…
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Can Bankruptcy Affect a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Maryland Lawyer Explains How Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Law Intersect Recently, a wrongful death lawsuit involving a Baltimore church van was halted by a bankruptcy filed by the pastors of the Victory Outreach Baltimore Church. Five people died when the van sped off the highway and crashed, leaving only ten survivors. The victims’ family members filed a lawsuit against the church, but due to the bankruptcy claim, compensation for the victims’ families will have to wait until the bankruptcy is resolved. This sad news item gives us the opportunity to reflect on an important question: How can bankruptcies affect a wrongful death lawsuit? How Bankruptcies Can Impact Wrongful Death Lawsuits In the case of the Baltimore church van, the lawsuit was halted in part because the pastors had petitioned a US Bankruptcy Court the day before the wrongful death case was filed. A bankruptcy filing, with limited exceptions, puts an…
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