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Does Bankruptcy Eliminate Back Taxes?

If you are struggling with back taxes, you should contact our bankruptcy lawyer, who can discuss how a filing could help you eliminate your debt. Most federal and state taxes are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. However, there are instances when you can discharge certain taxes through a Chapter 7 filing if you meet certain requirements. Among these criteria: The debt is for income tax and not other forms of taxes like payroll or sales tax The IRS or state you live in assessed the tax at least 240 days prior to your filing Your tax return for the debt was filed at least two years prior to the bankruptcy filing Your tax return for the debt was due at least three years prior to the bankruptcy filing Keep in mind, taxes like FICA, used for purposes like Social Security, are non-dischargeable, as are taxes related to gifts and estates. The…
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Specialty Hospitals Finds Buyer in Voluntary Bankruptcy

According to the Washington Business Journal, Specialty Hospitals of America LLC will enter into a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sell both of its D.C. hospitals to an investment firm. The news source reported that a group of creditors filed a bankruptcy petition against the hospital group earlier this year, and that Connecticut-based Silver Point Capital has agreed to buy the hospitals for an undisclosed term. Additionally, Silver Point has agreed to give the hospitals $15 million to continue operations until their sale is completed. Specialty Hospitals of America is based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “This is an exciting new day, a new beginning for Specialty,” Lisa Proctor, representative for Specialty Hospital of Washington, said according to the Business Journal. The hospital group said that employee pay and benefits would continue without interruption. It also reportedly said that it does not anticipate layoffs, but that it would be in the…
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April Bankruptcy Filings Down Nationally, Maryland Rates Remain High

According to Epiq Systems, Inc., total bankruptcy filings nationally last month decreased 13 percent over April 2013. The totals included both consumer and business filings. Epiq said that total bankruptcy filings totaled 87,954 in April 2014, down from the April 2013 total of 100,770 filings. Consumer, or individual filings, reportedly declined 12 percent to 84,579, from the April 2013 consumer filing total of 96,357. Business filings actually declined further, with a 24 percent decrease from the 4,413 business filings recorded in April 2013. Chapter 11 filings, which include financial reorganization, decreased 4 percent to 683 filings in April 2014, from the 711 filings registered in April 2013. However, not all numbers decreased. It should be noted that the nationwide per capita filing rate in April was 3.09 (filings per 1,000 people) across the country, an increase over the previous three months of 2014. The states with the highest per capita…
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