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Is My Bankruptcy Filing Public? Will Everyone I Know Find Out?

Bankruptcy can carry with it a certain stigma, despite how useful it can be in helping people dig themselves out of their financial struggles. And when considering bankruptcy, you might wonder: will other people be able to find out that you filed? Are bankruptcy filings public? Yes, actually. Most court records, including bankruptcy filings, are public. But, that does not mean that just anyone can access all of your personal information. Typically speaking, your friends, family and acquaintances are not going to find out about your bankruptcy filing unless you tell them yourself. There is a public access system known as PACER that contains information about bankruptcy filings throughout the U.S. But to access this system, you are required to register and pay per page of documents you obtain. As such, the average citizen will not be able to see your bankruptcy filing. However, your creditors and co-debtors will find…
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Why Are More Older Americans Filing for Bankruptcy?

Did you know that 8 percent of bankruptcy filers are aged 65 or older? This number has been trending upwards since 2008. One reason was the recession, which hit the elderly age group hard. And in some states, creditors are allowed to garnish up to 25 percent of a debtor’s disposable income, so bankruptcy can become an attractive option for people who fall behind on their bills. But perhaps the most common cause of senior bankruptcy is medical debt. Medical debt is the number one source of personal bankruptcy filings in the U.S. and given the high cost of healthcare for elderly people, it is easy for a debt spiral to drag down the finances of seniors with healthcare needs. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, debt collection is the most-complained about product or service for consumers over 62. The incessant calls and predatory nature of these companies can…
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After Sex Assault Scandal, Will The Weinstein Company File for Bankruptcy?

Will the sexual assault scandal simmering at The Weinstein Company lead to bankruptcy? Not according to Bob Weinstein, but other signs indicate it might happen. According to Variety, the company’s leadership is torn on whether to reorganize in the face of potential bankruptcy. Some members wish to sell the company. Others are concerned that the explosive allegations against Harvey Weinstein could lead to massive liabilities when all potential sex assault and harassment lawsuits are said and done. Still, others worry that the name of the company has been irreversibly tarnished, which will affect its ability to move forward with new projects. And according to TMZ, company leaders are concerned that they might not be able to get rid of Harvey Weinstein. Despite having already fired him, his contract stipulates that he is entitled to mediation followed by arbitration before he is allowed to be fired. His continued employment, if it…
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