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Can I Get a Loan After Filing for Bankruptcy?

After filing for bankruptcy, you may notice that it is difficult to get a loan. Bankruptcy can seriously hurt you credit score. It stays on your credit report for up to 10 years from the date you file. However, just because you have a bankruptcy on your record does not mean that you are shut out of the market for an entire decade. As a matter of fact, during those 10 years, it is possible to build a decent credit score while you wait for the bankruptcy to fall off your credit report. You may even be able to build your credit up to a respectable level within three to five years. That might, however, be easier said than done. Here are some tidbits of advice to help you repair your credit enough to obtain a loan after bankruptcy. Follow your credit score closely. Once the bankruptcy is complete, request…
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How Do I Fix Mistakes on My Credit Report?

There are countless stories of people whose lives have been ruined by a single credit report error. Whether it’s a debt you’ve already paid off, been discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or even if it’s not your debt at all, mistakes on your credit report can make life extremely difficult. Here’s how to remedy those errors so they can’t hurt you anymore. How Can Credit Report Errors Hurt Me? Mistakes on your credit report can damage you in a number of ways. A negative mark on your report can continually drain your score, lowering it little by little the longer it goes unfixed. It becomes even worse when you don’t know about it. A poor credit score may be enough to dissuade landlords from offering you residence on their property. In some cases, a bad credit score can also lead an employer away from offering you a job. Bad credit…
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Should Credit Checks Matter When Hiring?

It’s been a common practice for some time now for hiring employers to run a credit check on any potential employees, but that might not be the case for much longer. Federal lawmakers have recently proposed a bill that would ban the process all together, restricting employers from gaining any access to a person’s credit history. The bill, called the Equal Employment for All Act, is based on a previous bill brought to the House of Representatives by Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen. It would strictly prohibit potential employers from obtaining or considering an applicant’s credit history when hiring. The argument for this proposed change is that a person’s credit report is affected by things that are out of the individual’s control, such as medical bills, unemployment, or other unforeseen circumstances. These credit scores do not provide an accurate reflection of a person’s work ethic or ability to do the job….
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