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Can I Be Sent to Jail for Unpaid Debt?

Have you ever heard about the old debtor’s prisons that were popular up until the 19th century? Well, the key word there is “until”, since debtor’s prisons are no longer around. However, just because there aren’t debtor’s prisons anymore, doesn’t mean that creditors aren’t still threatening jail time if you don’t pay up on your debts. So, the question remains, “can you be sent to jail for unpaid debts?” Yes, you can. How Can I Be Sentenced to Jail Time for Unpaid Debts? In the mid-1800’s, the U.S. government banned the practice of sending people to prison for unpaid civil debts (Fun fact: many of America’s founding fathers had debt problems, and many of them spent time in jail for it). Credit card debt and other consumer debts are considered civil debts. Even if you are sued for an unpaid civil debt, you cannot be sent to prison for non-payment…
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