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How Can D.C. Foreclosure Mediation Help You Avoid Foreclosure?

There is a foreclosure crisis happening in this country right now. If you are a homeowner trying to avoid foreclosure, you may benefit from talking to a qualified bankruptcy attorney. Many states and the District of Columbia have implemented new foreclosure mediation programs designed to help homeowners save their residences. What Is Foreclosure Mediation? Many of you are probably reading this thinking, “That sounds great! What is foreclosure mediation?” Foreclosure mediation is essentially a meeting between you, the creditors that own the home loan, and the mediator. In this meeting, you and the other party will try to work out a deal that allows you to avoid foreclosure altogether Common solutions reached in the mediation process include: Loan modification Custom payment plans Short sale Forbearance agreements Even if you surrender the property, you can at least avoid the long, grueling foreclosure process. How Can I Qualify? Now, if you’re still…
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Can You Buy a House after Filing Bankruptcy?

One of the big fears a lot of people have about filing for bankruptcy is the belief that they will never be able to own a home after that. This isn’t true and you could be a proud homeowner not long after filing for bankruptcy. Here’s what you have to do. First, you have to be patient. This process should take you a little time. If you try to apply for a mortgage too soon, you might actually get it, but the interest rate will likely be so high that you could find yourself in trouble again later. After your bankruptcy is finished and you are no longer in mandatory credit counseling, take a look at your credit report. Make sure to dispute any errors you see like debts still showing up after you’ve paid them or they’ve been discharged. There are a number of places that will allow you…
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