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5 Easy Ways to Cut Your Monthly Spending

There are many reasons why you might want to cut your monthly spending. Whether your goal is to save, cut down debt, work towards a large purchase or build an emergency fund, knowing how to reduce your spending can be a great skill. Here is a look at some ways to reduce your expenses. 5 Ways to Cut Your Monthly Spending Use your bike and public transport. After adding up the costs of gas, maintenance, tires and other expense, you will be amazed how much you are spending for every mile you drive your car. Using buses, a bicycle and trains can be a great way to save money and also potentially improve your health through regular exercise. Precook affordable meals. In the rush of daily life, we often don’t have time to cook meals that are healthy, convenient or affordable. This can lead to eating out or buying expensive…
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4 Signs It’s Time to File for Bankruptcy

Many might view the decision to file for bankruptcy as a sign of defeat, but sometimes It’s actually the best financial option on the table. Bankruptcy can help you get out from under debts and begin a new journey towards financial freedom. Here is a look at some of the signs that you might benefit from filing for bankruptcy. When to File for Bankruptcy: You’re surviving off of credit cards: It’s common for debt to get so bad that you fall into the trap of spending your entire paycheck on making payments. This is a sign you are stuck in a toxic cycle. Without any cash in the bank, this can force you pay your living expenses with your credit cards. Often, this can have the troubling effect of putting you deeper into debt each month. You’re using one credit card to pay for another: Occasionally, making your credit card…
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5 Smart Alternatives to Payday Loans

Finding smart alternatives to payday loans can be a great way to avoid financial disaster down the road. These loan companies have spread across the country. They advertise quick and easy loans for customers with low incomes and bad credit, but what they don’t tell you is that they are financial predators. Many Americans live pay check to pay check, and someone who needs a quick loan to cover bills is likely to also struggle repaying loans with the insane interest rates these companies are charging. Many are forced to borrow money simply to get out of debt, which can create a toxic cycle that pushes borrowers deeper and deeper into financial trouble. It might seem like there are times when making a deal with a payday lender can be your only option, but the fact is that there are alternatives that are much better for your financial health. Let’s…
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