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Does Being a Middle Child Affect Your Financial Decisions?

Have you ever wondered how your relationship with your siblings might be affecting your financial decisions? There has been a lot of psychological research on middle children and how birth order in general can have a long-term effect on your personality. Of course blanket statements about large groups of people should always come with a grain of salt, but middle children tend to be relaxed, social and excellent peace makers.  After being raised as the go-between for their siblings, many adopt the personality of a creative people pleaser. While these traits may have somewhat obvious effects in our personal lives, how do middle children fair in the world of money? Do they do as well as their siblings? Here are some of the common financial traits of middle children. The middle child is the most generous: The stereotypical middle child aims to please and doesn’t stress the small stuff. This can…
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How Do I Fix Mistakes on My Credit Report?

There are countless stories of people whose lives have been ruined by a single credit report error. Whether it’s a debt you’ve already paid off, been discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or even if it’s not your debt at all, mistakes on your credit report can make life extremely difficult. Here’s how to remedy those errors so they can’t hurt you anymore. How Can Credit Report Errors Hurt Me? Mistakes on your credit report can damage you in a number of ways. A negative mark on your report can continually drain your score, lowering it little by little the longer it goes unfixed. It becomes even worse when you don’t know about it. A poor credit score may be enough to dissuade landlords from offering you residence on their property. In some cases, a bad credit score can also lead an employer away from offering you a job. Bad credit…
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4 Money Lessons for Kids That Are Still Relevant to Adults

When we’re young, it’s important that we learn as much as we can about money management. When we’ve grown up, we’re pretty much set in our ways. It can be very hard to change the way we view and handle our money as adults. However, it may be possible to relearn things we’ve been taught before. 4 Important Money Lessons for Kids We Should Relearn Don’t Forget Your Lunch Money – When we were given lunch money for the week as kids, we could do one of three things. We could spend it all at once; spread it out evenly across the entire week; or spend part of it some days, take lunch from home the others, and pocket the remainder. We’re taught that the latter option is the best, but we’re not all wired that way. The second option is also good, so long as you’re weekly budget isn’t…
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