Baltimore City Council Member Files for Bankruptcy

According to the Baltimore Sun, city council member Robert W. Curran filed for personal bankruptcy in June. Curran said the filing was necessary to save his home in Northeast Baltimore from foreclosure.

“Just because I am in elected government doesn’t mean me and my wife are immune,” Curran told the Sun. “Folks file for bankruptcy. You live beyond your means sometimes. … We’re making the payments, and we’re moving on with our lives.”

Curran, 63, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which will allow him to keep his property while working on a repayment plan with creditors for debts like credit card debt, auto loans and medical bills. Curran said his plan is to repay his debt “dollar for dollar”.

In his bankruptcy filing, Curran declared about $224,000 in liabilities and about $162,000 in assets. Curran is the son of the late city council member J. Joseph Curran. His brother, Joseph Curran Jr., is a former Maryland attorney general. His niece, Baltimore District Judge Catherine Curran O’Malley, is married to the governor.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individuals who have a regular income but have fallen behind in payments and/or are about to lose their house or car. It generates an automatic stay that prevents creditors from taking action against you to collect debts, and lasts three to five years, allowing people time to catch up on past due mortgage payments.

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