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Law Firm of Kevin D. Judd, P.L.L.C.

Washington DC Bankruptcy Lawyer and MD Bankruptcy Lawyer

Has your debt become unmanageable? Are you receiving harassing phone calls from creditors at work and at home? If you are experiencing financial distress or if you lost your job and are facing the possibility of losing your house or car, a Washington DC bankruptcy lawyer at the Law Firm of Kevin D. Judd may be able to help. This may include filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As a result of these needs, we designed this website to familiarize you with the consumer bankruptcy process and to give you options.

What is Bankruptcy and How Can Filing Bankruptcy Help Me?

The decision to file bankruptcy is never easy. However, there are cases when protecting your home and assets can only be achieved using the nation’s bankruptcy laws. Because of this, you you should seek the professional advice of a bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options and understand what happens when you file bankruptcy, as well as Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
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From Kevin’s Blog

One of the biggest fears associated with filing for bankruptcy is the fear of loss. While one is facing severe financial struggle, it can be scary to realize that there’s a chance you’ll be losing most of your property. Filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7 means that you’ll be gathering your property and assets, and you’ll be preparing to ...

Bankruptcy News

The American debt crisis has gotten way out of hand. According to government data cited in a recent LA Times article, US consumer debt has reached 12.58 trillion, topping the amount of debt in 2008 which led to the recession. Data indicates that borrowers are more responsible in repaying their debts now, but the amount of debt is still very ...
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Kevin D. Judd, Maryland and Washington, DC Bankruptcy Lawyer

Kevin is currently the President of the National Bar Association and a Former Chairman of the Bankruptcy Law Section for the National Bar Association. He is also an Arbitrator for the National Association of Securities Dealers. He is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia and New York State Courts, and the Federal Courts in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and New York.

Kevin has exhibited stellar leadership skills, by being affiliated and serving in professional organizations. He currently serves on the Local Rules Advisory Committee for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Columbia. Currently, he is the Past President for the Washington Bar Association; Member of the Bankruptcy Bar Association for the District of Maryland; Member of the American Bar Association and National Bar Association. In addition, Kevin is a Past President of the Federal Bar Association, D.C. Chapter and a Past Chief Justice for Sigma Delta Tau Legal Fraternity, Inc.