Upcoming Medcal Procediures and When to File Bankruptcy

If bankruptcy is inevitable, there are few circumstances where you want to delay it. Delaying bankruptcy can work against you in many ways; however, some circumstances, such as pending medical expenses, might make a delay in filing worthwhile. After all, bankruptcy discharges only wipe out the debts you owe as of the filing date, and there are limits on how often you may receive discharges in bankruptcy.

Medical procedures are expensive and can incur more debt. If you have upcoming procedures scheduled, waiting until after the procedure could allow you to fold the new debt into your bankruptcy filing. Even in cases where health insurance will cover the cost of the procedure, there are still co-pays, deductibles and the potential for unexpected emergencies or complications that might arise during your procedure.

Examples of Medical Procedures You Might Consider Delaying Bankruptcy For

Pregnancy is a good example of an upcoming medical procedure. Childbirth is full of variables that can cause the cost of medical care to increase, such as the chance of premature delivery, an emergency cesarean section or other complications. If you or your spouse are pregnant, delaying your bankruptcy filing could allow you some breathing room if these complications do manifest.

Some other examples that can create medical debt include dental work, elective surgery or even something as simple as a routine check-up.

Timing is everything in a bankruptcy filing. If you are confused about the best time to file, visit our FAQ page or speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney.

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