Are Foreclosures Hazardous To Your Health?

Finances are not the only thing hurting for those facing foreclosure. The Baltimore Sun reported on October 20, 2011, that a study led by a University of Maryland researcher has found that one in five people in default on their mortgages have serious symptoms of depression and about one-third have seen their finances so crimped that they cannot afford to fill prescriptions and get enough to eat, which worsen health problems. The Sun said the investigation is the first long-term study to show that foreclosures are causing illnesses in people not previously sick and the extent of the problem.

“It’s becoming a coexisting condition,” said Bailey Susic, outreach program and professional education manager for the Pro Bono Counseling Project, a nonprofit statewide mental health counseling referral service. “They didn’t have depression before.” The Sun reported that almost one-third of cases at Pro Bono now involve people who have lost their homes or their jobs.

We have often heard about how health problems can lead to foreclosure, but now it appears that the reverse can be true as well. When you need foreclosure help, Maryland bankruptcy attorney Kevin D. Judd can help you fight to keep your home. Whether you utilize a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy process, our firm can work with you to eliminate, reorganize or consolidate your debt. A bankruptcy means test could be your first step toward financial freedom, and our proven Washington DC and Maryland bankruptcy lawyer can help you complete it correctly when you contact our office for a free initial phone consultation.

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