Maryland Among Top 10 States In Foreclosure Counseling

Maryland ranked seventh in the nation in the number of clients receiving legal services and ninth in the number of clients receiving housing counseling with National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) Program resources, the Star Democrat reported on September 23, 2011. More than 1.1 million homeowners across the United States have received foreclosure counseling through NeighborWorks America, the administrator of the NFMC Program, with Maryland receiving $4.1 million in NFMC funding for housing counseling and legal services since 2008, according to the Star Democrat.

“We have provided new laws that give homeowners more and better opportunities to meet with their lenders to get the best possible outcome when threatened with foreclosure,” Governor Martin O’Malley told the Star Democrat. “However, without the work of a dedicated and capable corps of nonprofit housing counselors and legal services providers, we wouldn’t have seen as many positive outcomes for homeowners. These counselors and providers are on the front lines every day working to keep Maryland families in their homes, and we applaud and recognize the important work they do.”

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