Vacancy Increases 35 Percent in Maryland

The number of vacant houses in Maryland increased 35 percent over the last decade, the Baltimore Sun reported on October 7, 2011. Nationally, vacancy increased 44 percent. According to new Census figures, more than 222,000 homes were vacant during the count in April 2010, an increase of nearly 58,000 properties.

The Sun reported that vacant homes on the market for sale or rent both increased nearly 50 percent, with for-sale homes rising to almost 33,000 and for-rent to nearly 62,000. Except for homes owned for seasonal, recreational or occasional use, the Sun also reported that all other vacants rose by 26 percent, to 61,000 units. That figure includes bank-owned homes that aren’t on the market yet and abandoned and effectively abandoned properties. The category for off-the-market foreclosures, boarded-up homes and the like rose by 1,800 units, to 23,000, according to the Sun.

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