The Importance of a Thorough Bankruptcy Creditor List When Filing

Anne filed her bankruptcy six months ago. While all of her creditors have stopped calling and harassing her, one collections agency is still calling her non-stop. Anne keeps telling them that she filed bankruptcy but they keep telling her that they have not received notice of the filing. She has called her bankruptcy attorney and found out that she forgot to tell her attorney about the debt. While her credit report included many of her debts, this one was not listed. Now, her bankruptcy attorney has informed her that she would have to pay additional funds in order to amend her bankruptcy court documents and add the collections agency to her list of creditors. This is why it is very important to include all creditors on your bankruptcy. In order to make sure that all of your creditors are included, make sure to tell your Washington DC or Maryland bankruptcy attorney about all of your debts prior to the filing of your bankruptcy.

Listing all your debts when filing bankruptcy

When a Maryland or Washington DC bankruptcy attorney lists your debts on your bankruptcy schedules, the creditors who hold those debts receive a notice when a bankruptcy is actually filed. One a bankruptcy is filed, the creditors are no longer allowed to contact the debtor until the bankruptcy goes through and the debt is either discharged or still needs to be repaid. If the creditor is not listed on the bankruptcy papers and does not receive this notice, they can still harass the debtor until notice is received. Contact a Maryland or Washington DC bankruptcy lawyer in order to make sure that all your debts are listed on your bankruptcy papers.

When a creditor is missed on a bankruptcy schedule

When a creditor is in fact missed on bankruptcy papers, a Washington DC or Maryland bankruptcy lawyer will have to amend the schedules and place the creditor on those schedules in order for creditors to receive proper notice of the bankruptcy filing. There may be an additional fee to the debtor for the amendment to take place and for the papers to be properly filed. If the bankruptcy has already been discharged, a Maryland or Washington DC bankruptcy attorney may have to reopen the bankruptcy in order to place the debt into the proper schedule.

Contact a Maryland or Washington DC bankruptcy lawyer today to find out the proper action that has to be taken if a bankruptcy creditor is missed on your filing.

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