Debt Collectors Want to be More Aggressive

The Association of Collection Professionals (ACA) wants to change the way debt collectors collect debt and amend the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in the process. The ACA’s proposals are detailed in, “The Path Forward: ACA International’s Blueprint for Modernizing America’s Consumer Debt Collection System,” which the organization released earlier this month.

The document notes that consumer debt in the United States exceeded $2.45 trillion last year. With that in mind, the ACA wants to bring debt collecting up-to-date with the new forms of communication such as cell phones, e-mail and social networking. The ACA said that debt collection should catch-up with new technology and the current forms of communication that were not around when lawmakers originally passed federal and state collection laws.

The ACA wants to amend the FDCPA so that debt collectors can use cell phones, e-mails and text messages to contact debtors. It also wants the restrictions on autodialers to apply only to telemarketers and not debt collectors. It also wants the FDCPA to specify precise language that debt collectors can leave in voicemails without violating the law.

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