Why Are Telephone Scammers Targeting People Who File Bankruptcy?

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) is issuing a warning to any consumers who have filed bankruptcy in the past or are currently in the process regarding a nationwide telephone scam.

How Does the Bankruptcy Scam Work?

These scammers are using public records to gather information on specific consumers before calling them and posing as their bankruptcy lawyer or office staff. They use a special tool that can trick your caller ID into showing the bankruptcy lawyer’s office. The calls are typically made after normal business hours, which makes it difficult for the consumer to verify the call with their attorney. The scammers tell the victims that there is an unresolved debt that needs immediate payment and threaten arrest if it is not paid with an instant wire transfer.

What If I Am Called by Telephone Scammers?

The NACBA has urged the public to immediately hang up upon receiving a call of this nature. They want to assure consumers that a bankruptcy attorney would never ask a client to wire transfer funds to pay a debt and would under no circumstances threaten arrest for non-payment. If you are contacted by someone you believe to be involved in this or a similar scam, hang up and call your bankruptcy lawyer for verification.

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