Can I Post on Facebook During Bankruptcy?

Social media accounts, particularly Facebook, have changed the way pretty much everyone lives and works. While there are some hold-outs, many people use the platform to share pictures and updates with friends and family. However, there are others out there (you know who you are) who post pretty much everything in their lives to social media: What they wore to work this morning, what they ate at lunch and their ever-changing relationship statuses.

However, there’s a golden rule for people involved in any type of civil or criminal case, including being involved in a bankruptcy case: Stop posting things on Facebook during bankruptcy. While most bankruptcy cases are relatively simple processes, certain cases get more complex. If a creditor in your bankruptcy case wants to investigate your life and finances, there is nothing stopping them from going through your public social media accounts.

Many times, people might exaggerate their lifestyles on Facebook, such as posting pictures of themselves in various locations around the world, in a fancy car or out to an expensive dinner. While people going through bankruptcy are unlikely to be jet-setting around the world, sometimes people post old pictures of themselves, or pictures in borrowed cars or when they are out with others who are footing the bill. Posting anything on Facebook that could possibly be construed against you might cause additional headaches in the bankruptcy case if a creditor uses a picture or status update as a way to challenge your finances to the bankruptcy trustee or court.

The bottom line? If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, don’t post anything to social media that you would not want your creditors, the bankruptcy trustee, your attorney or the court to see.

Washington DC bankruptcy attorney Kevin D. Judd represents clients in bankruptcy court throughout the District and Maryland. He guides people throughout the bankruptcy process and makes sure they stay off social media throughout the case. 

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