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Maryland Is Offering Relief to Poor Parents with Unpaid Child Support

The state of Maryland has reached out to low-income parents with unpaid child support, starting in Baltimore. Soon, the state discovered that fewer than 5,000 parents living in four small zip code areas in Baltimore alone owe more than $30 million in unpaid child support. Most of that $30 million is actually ‘state-owed’, because the parents’ child support payments are supposed to go to state government to reimburse the taxpayers for the welfare provided to custodial parents by the state. Why Aren’t Parents Paying? In the surveyed area, which is known to be marked by drugs and poverty, most parents earn $10,000 or less per year. Government agencies that do eventually track these parents to try and collect unpaid child support have an impossible time of it since the parent literally cannot make payments due to poverty. However, Joseph DiPrimio, director of the state’s child support enforcement office, refuses to…
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What is a Zombie Foreclosure?

In the past, we talked about vampire foreclosures, which is when a bank seizes a property, while the owners of the home still live in it. This week we will discuss another monster of a topic called zombie foreclosures. These foreclosures sometimes happen due to a misunderstanding. For instance, a homeowner receives a foreclosure notice. She or he assumes that the lender will take over the property, so he or she collects his or her belongings and moves away, leaving the property behind. Some people leave their property when the foreclosure process takes too long. The zombie foreclosure comes into play after the homeowner has packed his or her bags and left and the foreclosure, for whatever reason, ends up being cancelled. This means the sale never took place and that the house remains in the vacated homeowner’s name. These properties can often be left untouched and fall into disrepair,…
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The Automatic Stay: How Does It Halt Lawsuits?

Did you know that a personal bankruptcy filing induces an automatic stay, preventing collection attempts and halting lawsuits? When you file for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the automatic stay serves as an injunction that is meant to immediately halt the actions of creditors. This is especially useful in cases where a person may be behind on housing payments, as it could protect a debtor’s home from foreclosure. Additionally, the automatic stay prevents creditors from initiating or continuing lawsuits against the debtor, garnish wages or otherwise demand payments from a debtor. Occasionally, you will see the automatic stay used as a tactic in personal injury cases. Recently, the Associated Press reported that a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a church van crash in Illinois was halted when the pastors involved in the litigation filed for bankruptcy. According to the AP, the case will not be able to move forward…
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