Bridal Giant Alfred Angelo Files for Bankruptcy

Recently, the dressmaker Alfred Angelo announced that it was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, shutting down about 60 stores and leaving independent bridal shops with no information as to whether dresses ordered from Alfred Angelo would arrive in time for summer and fall weddings.

Naturally, the uproar has been intense. What is a bride to do when her dress is floating in financial limbo thanks to the dressmaker going out of business?

How to Keep Your Cool During the Alfred Angelo Bankruptcy Fiasco

First things first: keep in contact with the company. If you have ordered a dress either from Alfred Angelo, contact the bankruptcy representative. That would be Margaret Smith at Send her details of your wedding date, what you ordered and how much you paid. Also include your order number, the name as it appears on your order and where you made the purchase.

The company promised to keep posting updates regarding dresses on its website, but as of the time of this writing, the only thing that appears on the site is the bankruptcy notice.

If you did not order directly from Alfred Angelo, your dress could have been ordered from the company through your bridal shop. Contact your bridal shop to confirm and check into refund policies if you are concerned about whether you will ever receive your dress.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without the added drama of your dressmaker going under. Take a deep breath – there’s time to pick up the pieces.

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