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Now or Later: When Should I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

While there are a number of benefits to filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy early, there are circumstances when it might be better to wait. Here are some examples of when to file and when to wait. Why Should I File Bankruptcy Now? Filing Chapter 7 will immediately put a hold on any pending home foreclosure. Think about filing soon if your house is in jeopardy. If you can’t get through a day without the headache of constant collection calls, consider filing now to shut them up. Once you file Chapter 7, the phone calls are legally forced to stop. The entire process, from the moment you file all the way to the end, may only take about three to six months. A benefit of filing early is that you get your financial freedom earlier. If you’ve been thinking about filing bankruptcy, but haven’t yet because you’re nervous or scared, contact a…
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